Active Transit

Rideau-Vanier is a city neighbourhood where many people walk and bike to get from point A to B. But it isn’t the safest it can be.

Vision Zero planning must be a key feature of planning our neighbourhoods. We need safe infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists that meets the needs of our entire communities, including the young and old.

We can do this by:

  • Fixing missing connections so that cycling routes are safe and complete, not launching people into heavy traffic (like on Rideau Street).
  • Establishing an east-west cycling corridor that runs safely across Aviation Parkway and the greenbelt.
  • Winterizing our sidewalk and pathway networks so that active transit is an option year-round.
  • Building more secure and convenient bike parking in more locations, especially downtown.
  • Creating a city-owned bikeshare program with borrowing locations near transit hubs and around major destinations.

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