We are in a climate crisis and we must take action to protect the residents from the harmful effects of climate change, while making our city the greenest in Canada.

We can do this by:

  • Planting additional trees on public and private land to increase the tree canopy to at least 40% in every neighbourhood and include fruit trees in new plantings.
  • Provide greater protection to mature trees, including ensuring that trees are protected during redevelopment, especially in core neighbourhoods where the tree canopy is already sparse. Cooling provided by the tree canopy can save lives. As the climate changes, we expect more and more severe heat waves, which are particularly dangerous for seniors without air conditioning.
  • Shift to green vehicles for city uses, including buses, trains and Para Transit vehicles. Reduce city fleet vehicle use and switch to smaller vehicles and e-vehicles (including e-cargo bikes) whenever possible.
  • Ensure all residents have access to green bin, black box and blue box to ensure that we send less waste to landfills.
  • Adopt the Toronto green building standard to build smarter and save on heating, cooling and electricity costs over the building's life cycle.
  • Ensure that our plans for stormwater management and flood plain mapping are up to date and reflect the realities of our changing climate.
  • Eliminate leaf blowers and two-stroke gas engines from city equipment
  • Incentivizing green roofs and solar roofs on future developments, especially for new city facilities, as well as reusing rainwater and grey water
  • Ensuring that all city buildings and facilities, including the LRT stations, are designed or fixed to be bird-safe

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